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Social Commitment

We create synergies in the different countries in which ACCIONA is present through cooperation agreements aiming to promote, foster and strengthen good practices in occupational health and safety, through the promotion of culture prevention and continuous improvement.

  • Spain

ACCIONA has an agreement with the INSHT (National Workplace Safety and Hygiene Institute), which is part of the MINISTRY OF EMPLOYMENT AND SOCIAL SECURITY.

Construction business of ACCIONA is involved in training initiatives with various entities, schools and universities.

  • Gabon

The National Social Security Fund of Gabon and Construction business of ACCIONA, Water and Services signed an Occupational Health and Safety collaboration agreement, one of whose highlights is the training of civil servants working for the Public Works and Hydraulic Resources Ministries.

  • Mexico

The Ministry of Labour and Social Welfare of the Federal Government of Mexico and Construction business of ACCIONA in Mexico signed an agreement with a view to reinforcing international best practices in Occupational Risk Prevention.

The national union of construction workers of Mexico, CTM, signed an agreement with ACCIONA whereby 25% of union fees are invested in health and safety in our works in Mexico. The agreement is the first of its kind in the construction industry.

  • Ecuador

ACCIONA Infraestructuras, Ecuador Branch, signed an agreement with CISHT (Spanish acronym for the INSTITUTIONAL COMMITTEE FOR WORKPLACE SAFETY AND HYGIENE).

  • Panama

The Ministry of Labour and Labour Development (MITRADEL) and ACCIONA in Panama hold training seminars to update and standardise the skills of the Inspection Coordination technical staff, providing expertise regarding new techniques and behavioural programmes.

  • Brazil

The Brazilian Association for the Prevention of Accidents (ABPA – Associaçao Brasileira para Prevençao de Acidentes), at the end of November, signed a cooperation agreement with ACCIONA, based on the commitment of both organisations to health and safety at work.

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Value chain

ACCIONA declares its full and unconditional support to the fund and objectives of the declaration.

Quality in Health and Safety

The management and organisation are committed to promoting the culture of prevention and integrated management of Occupational Risk Prevention in its own activities, or collaborating companies, to reduce and minimise accidents, following the guidelines set by ACCIONA in its Health and Safety Policy.

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