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ACCIONA has a specific Biodiversity policy, whose principles continue to develop progressively and are assumed by the Group Companies as a fundamental element of its environmental performance.

For ACCIONA, quality, care for the environment and health and safety in the workplace are distinctive and recognisable elements, that form part of the activity management system as an indispensable requirement to ensure our results in a consistent manner, with a sustainability-based approach and with a permanent vision to a continuous improvement of all processes.

In recent years, multiple performances have been conducted, with the primary objective of protecting the Biodiversity:

  • Protection and relocation of flora and wildlife species as part of the “Jala–Puerto Vallarta Highway” project in Mexico.
  • Studies to improve the permeability of wildlife, especially for the Iberian wolf, in the Autovía de la Plata in Spain.
  • Rescues of the green turtle in Puerto de Açu of Brazil.
  • Ex situ reproduction of Ferula latipinna, a threatened plant species, in the Carretera de Los Sauces on the island of La Palma in Spain.


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