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Actions for the protection of marine plant species

The submarine phanerogams prairies are a key element for preserving the marine ecosystems, given that they prevent coastal erosion, provide stability to the sediment and are a species-rich habitat. Facilities built on the coast have numerous environmental conditions derived from legislation and impact studies.

During the construction phase of these facilities there are also strict requirements present, that must be managed and coordinated with the subsequent operational phase. ACCIONA Infraestructuras has several facilities under construction of this type, among them, works in port areas or desalination plants.

As an example, in the works involving the expansion of Port of Cadiz (Spain) for the New Container Terminal, one of the requirements of the monitoring programme is the follow up of the status of the phanerogams prairies in the vicinity of the mouth of the San Pedro River, since increasing turbidity during dredging operations could affect the Neptune grass prairies (Cymodocea nodosa and Zostera noltii) located in the vicinity of Valdelagrana beach.

In this case, the works team has defined an action protocol, so that if increases in turbidity are detected, the work programme is modified to minimise the impact, by moving the dredging to other areas and performing the work during certain phases of the tide, or even using other methods.

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