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Economic prosperity and social welfare cannot be understood without the parallel development of the necessary infrastructure that facilitates mobility and business transactions.

ACCIONA is fully aware of the global framework in which its activity lies and is therefore directly involved in the challenges that currently arise. ACCIONA promotes a business model that seeks to anticipate and responsibly manage the challenges through its Sustainability Master Plan, based on social progress, economic growth and environmental balance.

Each project carried out by Construction business of ACCIONA is developed according to social, economic and environmental aspects. We work according to a global sustainability approach and always seek to improve construction processes and protect the environment.

Our main challenge is to meet the growing global infrastructure needs and do so in an environmentally-acceptable manner. Our aspiration is to continue to lead the way in sustainable development and contribute with our business approach to create solutions for a better future.

At the same time, we maintain an I+D+i active policy in search for new materials and construction methods to minimise the environmental impact. Construction business of ACCIONA channels all of its innovative activity through the Technology Centre, an international construction centre reference centre. A relevant example of this is the achievement of the Environmental Product Declarations (EPD) in two projects: the Otero de Bodas viaduct on the AVE route and the N-340 highway in Elche, ACCIONA being the first Company in the world to obtain the Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) for a civil engineering project.

The Area of Engineering conducts, for all the projects that so require, a detailed impact study that allows measurements to be taken to preserve the environment in which they are developed.

The infrastructure division is also a leader in the search of public-private cooperation formulas for funding infrastructure that constitute a powerful tool for the progress of communities.

Through our Sustainability Report we become accountable for our sustainability performance.

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