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    Sustainability Master Plan 2020

    Accepting our role in the economic, social and environmental issues of our time.The sustainability strategy is developed through the Sustainability Master Plan, a road map that brings together all COMPANY’S initiatives in this area. 

    Health and Safety

    ACCIONA works according to a reference model within the culture of excellence in Occupational Health and Safety through the creation and improvement of efficiency in working conditions, ensuring health and safety in the workplace with a view to reducing occupational accidents, securing the involvement of companies, primarily subcontractor companies, enhancing their quality and providing social recognition and prestige, as well as adding value to their competitiveness.


    Economic prosperity and social welfare cannot be understood without the parallel development of the necessary infrastructure that facilitates mobility and business transactions.

    Management System

    The fight against climate change, the sustainable use of natural resources and biodiversity protection constitute the main elements of the environmental strategy of ACCIONA.


    ACCIONA wishes to move forward with innovative and effective solutions and the commitment to minimising the negative impacts that occur in the execution of the works.

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