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    South East Stoney Trail

    Completed in November 2013, the Southeast Stoney Trail project consists of 27 new bridge structures and a new highway of approximately 25 km divided into 6 lanes.

    The operation and maintenance for the project includes: maintenance and rehabilitation of the road surface, maintenance and rehabilitation of bridges, snow and ice removal, signposting, landscape and drainage maintenance, as well as lighting and traffic signal control. In addition, ACCIONA will provide the operation and maintenance of 12 km of Deerfoot Trail between Southeast Stoney Trail (currently Highway 22X) and the Highway 2A junction.

    General Information

    Calgary, Alberta, Canada
    Contract type
    Design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance (PPP)
    25 kilometres of a 6-lane road, 3 km of pedestrian paths, 27 new bridge structures, including bridges over railway lines
    Year of project completion

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