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    Legacy Way Tunnel

    4.6-km tunnels in the city of Brisbane. Australia.

    The contract includes the design, construction, operation and maintenance for 10 years of 2 parallel tunnels measuring 12 metres in diameter and approximately 4.6 km long, linking the Centenar Motorway with the Inner City Bypass.

    The tunnels were constructed with two tunnelling machines, measuring 12.40 m in diameter, with a length of 110 m each. During their construction, world speed records were achieved during the excavation with the tunnelling machines through ACCIONA’s continuous innovation at all stages of the project.

    The Legacy Way motorway has been awarded the following prizes:

    • Brisbane Lord Mayor’s Award for Innovation (2012).
    • International Association of Public Participation, Winner in the Infrastructure category (2014).
    • International road Federation, award for Environmental Excellence (2014).
    • Infrastructure Partnerships Australia Project of the year (2015).


    Design, assembly and use of tunnel boring machines to build our future world


     To improve traffic and connections with metropolitan areas and the airport of the city of Brisbane, the third largest city in Australia.


    Streamlining traffic, reducing travel time by more than half.

    In addition, thanks to the use of the discharge conveyor through a 560-metre tunnel, over 1,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions were avoided, the surface impact was reduced and noise was decreased.


    2013 International Tunnelling Project of the year (>$500k)

    General information

    Brisbane, Queensland. Australia
    Design, construction, operation and maintenance (PPP) for 10 years
     8.6-km motorway in twin carriageways, running along the tunnel.
    Completion date

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