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The Norwegian Prime Minister, Erna Solberg, inaugurates the construction works of the E6 Ranheim-Værnes highway

  • In 2018, Nye Veier, the Norwegian state company for highway planning, construction, operation and maintenance selected ACCIONA to design and construct this 23 km section of highway that will connect the towns of Ranheim and Værnes in the Trondheim region.
  • After a year and a half of working together to design and improve the project, Nye Veier and ACCIONA are now beginning the construction works, which are scheduled to be completed by 2025.

On Tuesday 1 September, ACCIONA and its client, Nye Veier, welcomed the Prime Minister of Norway, Erna Solberg, who has been in charge of inaugurating the start of the construction worksfor the E6 Ranheim-Værnes highway.

 “We signed the first contract for this project with Nye Veier in September 2018, which marked the start of an integrated collaboration period to optimize the project. During that period, we have been co-located in Trondheim and have benefited from each other's expertise. It has been a pleasure to share knowledge and experiences with the Nye Veier team, and the collaboration has been useful for both parties. In May this year, we entered into an agreement to proceed to the next phase of the design and construction of the E6 Ranheim-Værnes project”, said Lena Rudstrøm, Business Development Director for the Nordics at ACCIONA.

More than seven kilometres of this new highway will be underground, with three tunnels between one and four kilometres. The route, which also includes eight bridges, will partly follow the old road, with the exception of the tunnels, which will run parallel to the existing ones.

 “We are absolutely thrilled to begin construction on this project, together with our subcontractors and collaboration partners. As occurs with ACCIONA’s other works, we will be focusing all of our efforts to ensure that this project generates the greatest positive impact at a local level”, said Lena Rudstrøm.

Once the construction works are complete, this new infrastructure will increase the number of lanes from two to four, improving mobility between Trondheim an the airport at Værnes , increasing user safety, while reducing the travel time by approximately five minutes. The opening of this new highway, which will allow traffic to travel at 110 km/h, is scheduled for 2025.

In addition to the advantages generated by the completed E6 Ranheim-Værnes, this project will also, create a large amount of local jobs during its construction, as well as the benefits from expenditure on daily allowances and accommodation by the hundreds of employees that will work on its execution.

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