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ACCIONA presents the results of the CITyFiED project: lower CO2 emissions and more than 40% thermal energy savings

  • The results of the pilot project in the Torrelago district of Laguna de Duero (Valladolid) have been presented at the Final Conference of the CITyFiED project, in which ACCIONA participated in various activities, including defining the district-level sustainable urban renewal strategy

ACCIONA, as a member of the European CITyFiED project, presented some of the key results from the pilot project in the Torrelago district of Laguna de Duero (Valladolid) at the Final Conference for the project. The company led the analysis of the cost cycle and the process to define the sustainable urban renewal strategy, among other activities.

This rehabilitation, with an investment of €16.5 million, encompassed an area of 31 buildings that comprise a total of 143,000 m2 of habitable space, distributed into 1,488 homes, making it the largest rehabilitated district in Europe.

The rehabilitation works have reduced energy demand by implementing an exterior insulation system on the buildings’ facades.In addition to renewing the heating network, which includes the introduction of biomass as a renewable energy source, thermal energy consumption has been reduced by around 42%, in addition to preventing significant quantities of atmospheric CO2 emissions.

The conference, which brought together local and regional authorities; entities collaborating on smart city projects; experts in urban planning, building construction and energy; and residents of the Torrelago district, examined important issues such as urban planning, energy efficiency, and information and communication technologies.

The conference also assessed the energy savings obtained and the environmental impact, and analysed the social aspects of these types of rehabilitation projects through the experiences of the residents themselves.

ACCIONA took part in various sessions under this participative format of presentations and round-table discussions. One of these focused on the integration of smart city projects into urban planning, proposing the need for an integrated and comprehensive vision that provides support to municipalities in defining their transition towards sustainability, presenting the CITyFiED methodology as a response to this problem.

The conference also included a visit to the Valladolid pilot project, where the different technical solutions and the aspects related to its implementation were explained.

For more information visit the CITyFiED project website

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