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ACCIONA Engineering presents the Construction Project of the Regional Wholesale Market for the Brunca Region in Costa Rica

  • The BIM technology used to develop the whole of the project and the virtual reality experience enabled the project to be presented in a simple and visual way

ACCIONA Engineering recently presented the Construction Project of the Regional Wholesale Market for the Brunca Region in Costa Rica, to representatives from the Central American Bank for Economic Integration (CABEI).

The presentation at CABEI’s offices in San José, Costa Rica, was also attended by the project manager from the beneficiary institution, PIMA (Integral Agricultural and Livestock Markets Program of the Ministry of Agriculture).This institution manages the country’s agricultural and livestock markets and ACCIONA is currently working with it to decentralise market services in Costa Rica.

The Regional Wholesale Market project for the Brunca Region consists of constructing a market for a population of more than 325,000 people, to boost the social and economic development of this Costa Rican region.

The design of the project, produced by ACCIONA Engineering, was entirely developed in a BIM environment using REVIT as the lead modelling program.Consequently, thanks to the ability to create a virtual reality experience from the program’s model, the details and progress report on the project could be explained visually.

The use of this type of technology provides a quick and intuitive understanding of the project and has given ACCIONA Engineering’s team a broad visualisation of the work to be carried out.

In addition to designing the project, ACCIONA Engineering also provided the consultancy services for the pre-investment studies prior to construction.The company carried out a profiling study of local entities, a market study and an environmental impact assessment, among other actions.

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