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Forest based composites for façades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration.

The OSIRYS project will aim to improve indoor environmental quality and energy efficiency by developing forest-based biocomposites for facades and interior partitions to be applied in retrofitting and new building construction. Concept Indoor Air Quality and emissions from building materials have been over the last decades a major challenge for scientists, industry and consumers. Some traditional construction materials contribute to contaminants such as VOCs, formaldehyde, particulates and fibres. OSIRYS partners will work with new eco-innovative building materials, which are able to provide a healthier indoor environment, to develop a holistic solution to the current emissions challenges facing the construction industry.

A holistic solution for facades and interior partitions will be developed ready to be applied in building retrofitting and new construction by means of the development of forest based bio-composites with different functionalities able to meet the strictest requisites of the Building Code. The new materials will improve air quality by eliminating microorganisms, increasing thermal and acoustic insulation and controlling breathability of the construction systems.


  • Development of Bio-composites with good outdoor durability and fire performance.
  • Development of sandwich structures by the combination of different materials for the manufacturing of partition and facade lab-scale systems.
  • Demonstration of the viability of the manufacturing of the thermosetting panels developed within the project at industrial scale.
  • Demonstrate and validate the system performance in two real buildings, one in the North of Europe (Tartu (Estonia) and the other one in the South of Europe San Sebastian (Spain).


01/06/2013 – 31/05/2017


  • Tecnalia (España)
  • Acciona (España)
  • VTT (Finlandia)
  • Fraunhofer (Alemania)
  • Aimplas (España)
  • IVL (Suecia)
  • Tecnaro (Alemania)
  • NetComposites (Reino Unido)
  • OmikronDokkk (Hungría)
  • Conenor (Finlandia)
  • Unstudio (Holanda)
  • Amorin (Portugal)
  • Enar (España)
  • Bergamo Tecnologie (Polonia)
  • Visesa (España)
  • SICC Coatings (Alemania)
  • Collanti concorde (Italia)
  • Tartu town hall (Estonia)

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This research has been partly funded by FP7 projects under grant agreement no: 609067 (OSYRIS - forest based composites for façades and interior partitions to improve indoor air quality in new builds and restoration)

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