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Innovation in Construction

The Department of Technological Innovation was created in 1992, in order to improve the construction processes of the Construction business of ACCIONA. In 2007, the Technology Centre was set up in its current location. This centre has a surface area of 3,500 m2 and 14 fully equipped laboratories. Furthermore, it has its own production workshops with an additional surface area of 2,500 m2.

The developments are carried out in four research areas:

  • Infraestructure
  • Materials
  • Energy Efficiency.
  • ICTs, Automation and 3D Viewing

The Construction’s Technology Centre of ACCIONA works with some of the world’s leading Universities and Technology Centres. Institutions such as the Fraunhofer Institute (Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft zur Foerderung der Angewandten Forschung E.V) , TNO (Nederlandse Orgnisatie Voor Toegepast Natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek), AINTECH (APPLIED INDUSTRIAL TECHNOLOGIES LTD), Swiss Federal Institute of Technology or the Tecnalia Research and Innovation Foundation, are among the more than 500 bodies that ACCIONA has worked with on different projects.

Furthermore, the Technology Centre has a team of professionals from the projects who are in charge of transmitting and implementing the results obtained in the research to the ACCIONA projects.

As to Universities, the company has worked with more than 100 over the past 10 years, including the Universidad Polítécnica de Madrid, University of Oxford, Università degli Studi di Roma ‘La Sapienza’, Technical University of Denmark and Université de la Rochelle.

Over the last 10 years (2006-2015), ACCIONA has had a significant role in different public programmes, both on national and international levels, promoting RDI.

Specifically and by way of example, on a national level ACCIONA has participated in a total of 9 projects – leading 3 of them– within the CENIT national programme, the main support tool for a stable public-private partnership in R&D, in areas of strategic importance for the economy, by means of the creation of National Strategic Consortia for Technical Research.

On a European level, during this period, ACCIONA has participated in more than 100 cooperative R&D projects supported by the European Commission by means of the previous framework programme FP7 (2007-2013) as well as its current successor H2020 (2014-2020), the main community initiatives for R&D development and support in the European Union.

The main aim has been to improve competitiveness by means of co-financing research, technology development, demonstration and innovation activities under a transnational partnership regime among research institutions and companies from the European Union.

A series of different technical milestones have been reached in the technological centre, which can be viewed in the following video.

Innovation Projects

The aim of the Construction business of ACCIONA is to build lighter, more versatile and more resistant structures in line with sustainable development.

Proprietary Technologiess

Innovation in ACCIONA has made it possible to develop proprietary technological solutions that set it apart from other companies in the industry. This commitment to innovation can be seen in its way of solving construction challenges, promoting more sustainable, efficient solutions that are adapted to the needs of the community where we are working.

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