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    Railways and Tunnels

    More than 1,200 km of high speed lines and more than 600 km of tunnels

    The Railways and Tunnels specialist business unit covers every stage of the process, from feasibility studies and design, through to construction, works supervision and maintenance. It offers innovative solutions and advanced materials adapted to each project, integrating construction processes and sustainable best practices. It offers proprietary technology for laying ballastless track for high-speed lines and tramways.

    The railway projects undertaken by ACCIONA over the last 25 years include high-speed, conventional, metro and tramways in Australia, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Puerto Rico, Norway, Germany, Italy and Spain (currently the world’s second longest high-speed network with 3,000 km in service).

    The ocntruction business of ACCIONA has developed its excavation techniques thanks to improvements in geotechnical research, the modernisation of ventilation systems and the optimisation of tunnel working conditions, which has enabled it to achieve higher performance in constructing underground tunnels, beating previous tunnelling speed records.

    Its relentless search for technical excellence driven by innovation has made it an international leader in developing railway tracks and underground works, covering a broad range of projects for all types of clients and needs.

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    Throughout its extensive history, the railway has proven itself as one of the faster, more efficient, comfortable and sustainable transports among all that exists. As a result of the constant investigation and innovation, its role at some countries transport infrastructure has become more and more important during the last decades.

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    In recent years, underground works have taken on a special relevance thanks to a variety of factors, including research breakthroughs in geotechnics, continuous improvement in working conditions in tunnel interiors, mechanical diggers, the use of adequate ventilation systems, electronic ignition of blasting, a range of mechanical perforation devices and the definitive establishment of the tunnel boring machine (TBM) as the safest way of excavating while reducing the time required.


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