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    ACCIONA contributes to the community welfare with the provision of efficient hospital services from different lines of business and through the specific division, ACCIONA Hospital Services.

    ACCIONA Hospital Services has established its firm commitment to the funding and management of hospital services under the formula of Public Private Partnerships (PPP). This formula includes the development of the project, the construction, funding, maintenance and the management of non-health related services. Our mission is to create long-term partnerships with our clients for the end-to-end managemevnt of hospital infrastructure projects and our vision is to be a leading global health infrastructure provider - designing, constructing and operating hospitals recognized for being:

    • Accessible, where users find optimal conditions to access public health services.

    • Efficient, so that medical activities can be provided with cost-efficient processes.

    • Sustainable, so that the facilities maximize energy savings and minimize environmental impact.

    • Innovative, evolving with constant technological and scientific advances.

    ACCIONA Construction is the design, engineering and construction arm of the company, it has taken the lead in obtaining and executing hospital projects, including services optimization, facility expansion, and modernization of equipment and enhancement of the healthcare infrastructure. We apply the strictest sustainability principles in the design, construction and maintenance, taking into consideration factors such as location, materials and processes and energy savings. We have built in Canadá two projects certified to Leed Gold standard which acknowledges that it meets the highest sustainability and ecoefficiency standards in the construction of buildings

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