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    Special Projects

    More than 30 ports and 50 dams in 12 countries

    The ACCIONA Construction specialist business unit carries out all types of projects to design and construct ports, dry docks, shipyards, quays, marinas, dams, hydroelectric plants, navigation channels, irrigation channels, pipelines and drains, drawing on more than a century of experience of executing complex projects, combined with its technological dominance and the use of new materials and construction techniques.

    ACCIONA Construction is a world leader for major port works using caisson technology, with its own fleet of caisson-building floating docks capable of constructing concrete caissons up to 67 m long, 32 m wide and 34 m high within a 10 day period.

    In the maritime projects area, in the last 10 years ACCIONA Construction has been involved in constructing more than 14 km of breakwaters, 10 km of docks and 18 million m³ of dredging.

    It has also taken part in constructing the largest dam and reservoir projects in Europe, including the highest dam in western Europe with a height of 202 metres (equivalent to a building of more than 67 storeys); La Serena, the largest reservoir in Spain; and Alqueva, the largest reservoir in Europe.

    Activities of Special Projects

    Hidraulic Works

    Hidraulic Works

    Hydraulic works constitute one of the most important legs of the journey of ACCIONA.

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    Maritime Works

    Maritime Works

    ACCIONA has carried innumerable private and public maritime works in Spain -a country with 7,780 kilometers of coastline-. The list includes countless ports, dry docks and shipyards, moorings and canals for a variety of regional authorities, as well as marinas for private investors, energizing international trade in goods and passengers.

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    Major projects

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