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    Since it was founded, ACCIONA has contributed to developing the extensive road and railway network in Spain. It has carried out hundreds of projects that have enhanced the country’s infrastructures, including highways, freeways, roads, bridges, viaducts, subway lines and railways, not to mention numerous high-speed rail segments, where it has deployed the most innovative and cutting-edge construction systems.

    In line with its strong commitment to society, ACCIONA underpins all its projects with an environmentally friendly and socially responsible approach. It boasts an overarching sustainability policy that ensures ongoing construction process improvement through the application of environmental protection methods. The company’s R&D and innovation Technology Center, equipped with the latest technologies, is geared toward the development of the most sustainable construction processes with the most advanced materials.

    ACCIONA`s strong construction and innovation capacity is demonstrated by the freeway program carried out in the 1980s and the modern railway network criss-crossing Spain. Currently, the company is involved in the most important international projects in Australia, Chile, Mexico, Brazil and Canada, among others. Current projects include the over 200 km-long Federal BR-393 highway in the state of Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) and Autoroute 30 in Montreal (Canada), recipient of two major international awards.

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