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    Sometimes, the orographic complexity presents big challenges at the development of transport links. The unevenness of the terrain requires solutions that lead into the construction of some structures that facilitates the course of roads, railways or pedestrian ways.

    Throughout its extensive history, ACCIONA has always been at the forefront in searching and implementing these solutions by constructing tens of bridges and viaducts all around the world.

    For that purpose, the Construction business of has carried out a constant effort focused on innovation, in the search of the excellence at the fulfilment of this kind of projects. Thus, thanks to the engineering progresses, the utilization of the most modern constructive techniques, the respect of the environment and its commitment to the social development; Construction business has become an international benchmark in the construction of bridges and viaducts of any kind. In this regard, ACCIONA has designed and executed arched, cable-stayed, or suspension bridges, footbridges, and viaducts whether they are made of concrete, steel or mixed.

    To this end, ACCIONA uses different construction methods, such as the utilization of precast beams, the balanced cantilever or the incremental launching technique, where ACCIONA counts on his own patented system. Numerous emblematic projects carried out all around the world, such as the Ting – Kau Bridge in Hong Kong, the Beauharnois Bridge in Canada or the Sant Boi viaduct in Madrid - Barcelona high-speed railway section; confirm ACCIONA’s expertise on this kind of projects.

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