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    Sydney Tram

    New 12-km tram in Sydney. Australia.

    Design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance until 2030 of the light rail train that will have a 12-km CSELR (“CBD and South East Light Rail”) route and the subsequent operation of 25 km of infrastructure, consisting of the new section and the other existing 13-km line.

    The new infrastructure will have 19 stops, a bridge and a tunnel, Control Centre facilities, garages for light rail trains, substations and other buildings along the line. The project incorporates the relocation of important infrastructure services and an extensive urban regeneration.

    It will run every four minutes during peak hours in the CBD and every eight minutes from Randwick and Kingsford. Each service will carry up to 450 passengers, the equivalent of nine standard buses.


    It will be a critical element for Sydney’s public transport system, helping to reduce traffic congestion.


    Generating economic activity estimated at AU$4,000 million and the creation of 10,000 jobs.


    • “Asia-Pacific PPP Deal of the Year 2015”
    • Project Finance International, “Asia Pacific PPP Deal of the year”
    • Finance Asia Achievement Awards, “Best Project Finance Deal” - Australia & New Zealand.

    General information

    Sydney. Australia
    Design, construction, financing, operation and maintenance of the new CSELR (CBD and South East Light Rail) tram line and operation and maintenance of the existing IWLR (Inner West Light Rail) line for 19.5 years.
    The scope of the contract comprises a total of 24.8 km of track. The CSELR line includes 12 km of track, 19 stops, a bridge over the Eastern Distributor motorway, a tunnel under Moore Park, Control Centre facilities, garages for light rail train carriages, a maintenance warehouse and substations and other service buildings along the route. On the other hand, the existing IWLR line is 12.8 km long.
    Estimated completion date
    WLR line in 2015 and CSELR line in 2019

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